What is Treasure Shine?
Treasure Shine is a 4 step process that gives your car the best protection and a phenomenal shine.

1) Bath – Low pH foam covers your car
2) Shine – Extra strength neutralizing foam
3) Seal – Hydropel paint sealant gives protection and shine
4) Fall – Sheet of cold water rinses and cures the finish

Is Treasure Shine really better than the Works?
Treasure Shine foam completely coats your car and uses the latest technology in car washing to give
your car superior shine and protection.

What is Jolly Rodger Wax and Shine?
Jolly Rodger Wax and Shine contains actual carnauba wax to give your car a hand-finished shine.

Is it really hot?
The carnauba wax is heated when processed and sent through a bubblizer to sheet down over your entire car.

Will the Jolly Rodger Wax and Shine leave a film on my windows?
A thin layer of wax will cover your windows as well as your car and will help with repelling rain. It will not leave a noticeable film.

Why should I get both Treasure Shine  and Jolly Rodger Wax and Shine?
Treasure Shine will thoroughly clean and protect your car and Jolly Rodger Wax and Shine will give a hand-finished shine.

How often should I get Treasure Shine and Jolly Rodger Wax and Shine?
Some customers want the best possible wash for their car and get it every time. The chemical manufacturer recommends twice a month for the ultimate protection and shine for your car.